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Welcome at ImgView.de
Here you can easily upload pictures to the internet.
With one click you can save them online.
Just select the picture you want and click at: Upload Picture.
It is pertect for Bloggs, Bulletin, eBay and many more.

Upload Pictures
Notice: You are not allowed to upload pictures which are against law or rule.those will be deleted and notified.

Your IP will be saved for law.

- allowed Pictureformats: gif, jpg, jpeg, png
- maximum Picturesize: 5 MB

- allowed Pictureformats: zip
- maximum Picturesize: 20 MB

- allowed Pictureformats: flv (320x240)
- maximum Picturesize: 50 MB

Advantages of registered User:

- Galleryfunction
- Rating of pictures
- Comments for pictures
- Easy deleting of pictures
- 12 month durability without hit